Equine Biomechanics and other news


Wonderful news this week:- The text for Bradley Whale’s book Equine Biomechanics is finally complete and signed off. We are now busy checking off the completed images. The next step is for this wonderful book to be printed, something we can’t wait to happen. It has been incredible to be part of this journey with Bradley, seeing his idea coming to fruition.
Equine Biomechanics is the first of a series that Bradley is working on. He is a wonderful author to work with, incredibly knowledgeable about his subject and so concerned about how good his book is. There is no ego at work here – all he is interested in is if he has done a good enough job to explain his subject to his readers. We are sure he has. The book is fascinating, detailing the anatomy of the horse and explaining what can and does go wrong, both with the horse and when the added burden of a rider is added.
We’ve been working too on the submissions from the authors who are interested in completing the Equestrian Legends book and carrying on with the Facebook page that was opened to promote the book. Wow! What an enormous amount of talented authors there are ‘out there’. We hope that not only will the Equestrian Legends book be completed, but that other books will come out of this as well.

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