Our new title is perfect for newbie pony owning parents

Lavender and White Equestrian Publishing are delighted to announce the arrival of our new book ‘Parents, Ponies and their Princesses’ written by Felicity Wischer.

princess on a pony

The author is based in rural Australia.  Felicity has been involved with horses all of her life. She is an experienced writer, having articles published in Australian horse magazines.  She was an editor/reader on a book by Alistair Brooks ‘Horses of course and Horse Humans Too’ which was released in November 2012. Last year Wischer was the ghost writer of an autobiography of Sandi Simons, ‘A Life Worth Riding,’ which was released by Finch Publishing in November 2013.

When she is not writing Wischer is a horse trainer, an equine tension release therapist and also a confidence coach for women who are getting back in the saddle after years of not riding.

The inspiration for ‘Parents, Ponies and their Princesses’  came from Wischer coming into contact with inexperienced parents who are buying a pony. We love  the delightful way this book combines humour while also giving sound advice  about what to do, what to look for and how to go about getting that elusive first pony and the journey that parents embark upon with their child.

princess and pony 2

This charming book features cartoon illustrations of the characters the Princess, her mother and father as they set out on their voyage of discovery into the equestrian world.

Editing is about to start on the book, the illustrations are almost complete so we hope to have the book ready for publication in 6 – 8 weeks time.