Parents, Ponies and their Princesses.

We have just started work on our latest book, ‘Parents, Ponies and their Princesses.’ The book, written by Australian author Felicity Wischer is aimed at parents of horse mad children who have finally succumbed to pressure and are thinking of buying a pony. The book is aimed at those who have little or no knowledge of ponies and their wily ways and the problems that can come with them.


The book is written in a wry, witty style, giving lots of information, but in an easy chatty style, like a dear friend explaining things over coffee. The book will be accompanied by cartoon style illustrations which bring the text to life.


The first stage of getting any book ready for publication is the editing. It is amazing the differences in language, considering that ‘ English ‘ is the first language of both Australia and England. The first email to Felicity about her text was a list of words that our English editor had never heard of, different phrases and different words for the same thing. However those have now been clarified!


Our feelings were, when we started to edit that the book would have a place in the market both in Australia and internationally so there will be too versions for both us and Felicity to work on. We are really looking forward to seeing how this book progresses.