Procrastination – the killer of new year resolutions

Is writing a novel on your list of New Year’s resolutions? Yep! You and probably millions of others.


So come on then – make this year the one to actually fulfil that resolution instead of falling by the wayside because you’ve listened to that nagging voice inside your head that says you can’t.


What makes a writer is quite simply the ability to ignore those excuses and actually make a start.

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Here are the most crippling of book-wreckers – and the reasons none of them really matter:


1.  I have no time to write: – Every writer is time-challenged, whether they are on their first book or their twenty first. But even if you only write for 5 or 10 minutes a day you’ll eventually end up with a book. Anyone can find those few minutes if they really want to.


2. I’m too old: – Rubbish! Readers don’t know – or care how old you are. Lots of authors didn’t even start writing until they were middle aged or even older.  Look at it this way – the older you are the more experience of life you have to share.


3. I don’t have a college degree:-  Big deal! And guess what – it’s not a problem. All you need to know are the basic rules of grammar and how to express yourself on paper. Don’t let your lack of knowledge about a nonfiction topic stop you from writing about it either – that’s what research is all about.

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4. Everything’s been written about:- Maybe – but as our world changes so does the way you can present an idea. What life has thrown at you will have given you have a unique way of looking at the world in a way that no one else can.


5. Only books by celebrities and already published authors will sell: – Rubbish! There are millions and millions of books by ordinary folks who have, step-by-step, built wonderful writing careers. All you need is a good story, or a new take on a non-fiction book.

magazine she read about in CBI.


Just start writing and keep writing! If you’re going to be a writer, in the end all you really need to do is plant yourself in a chair and make a start.