Equine Physiology Ebook

Equine Physiology – The Secret to Equine Health

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Physiology is defined as: ‘the branch of biology that deals with how living organisms or bodily parts normally function.’

The second book of Bradley Whale’s trilogy focuses on the relationship between horse and rider through physiology, considering a myriad of different systems that make the body function. By analysing vitamins and minerals as well as different therapies Bradley focuses on the physiological system as a way to help both the horse and rider.

Equine Physiology builds on Book One: Equine Biomechanics by considering the horse and rider relationship through bodily systems and at a cellular level. Where changes in the biomechanics are immediate, physiology is a subtle and slightly longer process. Its significance in often underestimated; however physiology directly impacts the biomechanics of both horse and rider.

Equine Physiology contains a wealth of information regarding the different systems of the horse in an easy to read book that allows the rider to better understand their horse and thus improve performance, prevent injury and get the competitive edge.

Author Bradley Whale resides in Berkshire running a small human practice in Henley on Thames and travelling extensively to his equine clients. He holds a number of lecturing and advisory positions as well as having a strong background in competitive sport at both national and international levels, including: show jumping, dressage, rowing and modern pentathlon.

A qualified Osteopath Bradley has spent years researching and studying a range of therapies to compliment his own practice believing that no one therapy truly encompasses the complexities of a patient thus he amalgamates a variety of techniques to suit the individual resulting in a quicker and more effective treatment.