Indian Time Paperback

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Indian Time is a compelling, loveable Americana horse tale! Two young adventurers, Jan Spirit Walker Bluebird and Jason Red Iron Horse Bloomington, are lured into the whims of Indian Time, where the Past, Present, and Future merge as One, to find their true destinies.

This fantasy horse story entwines Native American folklore with Vaudeville humor and wit as a hard-luck thoroughbred rancher in Yolo County rides on sheer hope to keep his ranch afloat as the era of “9-11” emerges.

Famous horse stories are shared by Wild Creek Ranch’s owner, Silky Fitzgerald, throughout Indian Time, such as the courageous Phar Lap, the daring victorious win of Winning Colors, and Kentucky’s legendary Blue Horse.

Silky’s racing filly of wonder, Flying Ovations, is perhaps Wild Creek Ranch’s only chance of ‘beating the odds’ in preventing the ranch from foreclosure…

Hang on to your hat!! Indian Time is sure to motivate you to follow your vocational dreams much like a horse diver!