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Parents, Ponies and Princesses USA (Print)

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This fabulously colourful book is aimed at parents, of pony mad children, who don’t know one end of the pony from the other. Containing delightful illustrations by Tabitha Osztreicher, of ‘Cartoonist Painthorsedesign’ the book can be dipped into simply to soak up the advice, or can be read along with little ones.


The practical advice, humour and common sense information contained in “Parents, Ponies and their Princesses” will help the uninitiated enjoy the journey of becoming a ‘pony parent’. This humorous, beautifully written and produced book covers every aspect of finding the right pony to getting to pony club and everything in between.  Not only that –readers will have a laugh along the way.



Australian horsewoman Felicity Wischer is a qualified Equine Tension Release and Equine Massage Therapist who travels the world helping horses and their owners with performance injuries. Felicity also coaches riders who have lost their confidence and breeds and trains performance horses. She has written many articles and was an editor of  “About Horses of Course and Horse Humans Too” by Alistair Brooks and was  the ghostwriter of  “A Life Worth Riding” by Sandi Simons.

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