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The Return Of The fair

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One boy’s struggle to overcome the torment inflicted upon him by the school bullies leads him to seek solace in the basement of his parent’s toyshop. It is here his suffering gives way to a previously un-tapped world of creativity as he discovers the benefits of making effigies of those who have harmed him; this imaginative retribution closely watched by his special friends, Corvine Hominine, a mutant crow, the ever so loving Rosebud, the dictatorial doll Simon and a Jack-in-the-Box the boy stole from a woman at a fair on his twelfth birthday.

Pemberton Crewe, estranged from his peers and ‘normal’ life, continued his dysfunctional existence into adulthood, despite becoming sole custodian of his deceased parent’s toyshop. His misshapen life was hampered even more by the return of the very same fair from thirty years ago, in particular a visit to his shop by the gold-toothed woman whom he’d stolen the Jack-in-the-Box from. She had returned for her toy and with the aid of a Lilliputian Usher and the Incredible Whistling Lady, the woman eventually re-possesses her Jack as well as someone very dear to Pemberton.

The abduction of Simon flipped the Toy-keepers life on its head, not only turning the wheels of his creativity in motion once again but forcing him to leave the comfort and security of the shop to go in search of the doll. The impending departure was eased somewhat by the arrival at precisely the right time of the mysterious Agatha Weldrin. Unfortunately for Pemberton Corvine and Rosebud failed to raise their concerns in time…………..