Want to get lucky with your writing?

The more I practice the luckier I get



The origins of the quote might be a little doubtful now, but the sentiment remains the same. The same goes for writers – the more you write – the more you’ll find readers.


But how to keep motivated is the hard thing:


Make writing your number one priority, forget about cleaning the house, cooking dinner – no matter – you have writing to do! If you get an idea act on it straight away if possible.


A writer needs to be driven to write stories—they should always be playing in your head. Writing should be your hobby, passion and release from real life. Even if you don’t feel particularly creative, start writing anyway. It feels forced at first, and then the story opens up and you’ll begin see the characters. Don’t give in to writer’s block, jump to a different scene or book, or go do something completely different until the story opens up again.



Write down your big and little goals and track your progress – that way you can see exactly how far you’ve come. The price of success is dedication, hard work, and an unrelenting drive to achieve the things you want to see happen.  Live by that last sentence and believe in yourself and your dreams. By keeping a goal book you will achieve all kinds of things in your writing career as well as in your life.


Promote the hell out of your writing and yourself. Sometimes luck comes out of the blue, and other times it comes from taking educated risks.

Being a successful author means making your own luck. The word “opportunity” comes from the phrase, “Ob Portu,” which means waiting for the tide. Ships couldn’t leave port during low tide, so the sailors filled the cargo, and when the tide came in, they sailed.


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