Book production


At Lavender and White Publishing we are very keen on reducing our carbon footprint, which is why we specialise in ecologically friendly e-books. Paper manufacturing is one of the largest polluters of air, land and water. Many of the books read today are printed overseas, which means they have to be shipped around the world and then trucked to distribution centres and book stores. Not to mention the enormous amount of trees which have to be destroyed in order to produce a book.

There are many advantages of e-books apart from ecological. Without having to leave home a customer can browse the internet, find a book, purchase, download and start reading them within minutes twenty four hours a day every day of the year. A whole library of hundreds of books can be easily carried in a laptop, notebook or any e-book reader which means they can be read anywhere on the bus, train, airplane, even waiting in the supermarket checkout!

If you would like us to convert your manuscript for reading on e-readers please send it to us and we will give you an idea of costs. Most conversions cost around £100. Please send manuscripts to