Cover production

Writing a book is an achievement in itself something that anyone should quite rightly be very proud of. But unless you are writing solely for yourself the next stage is to make your book available to a world wide audience. The first way you will attract a reader is by having an eye-catching cover design. Your book cover is your most important marketing tool.


At Lavender and White Publishing we prefer to focus on the editorial side of our business so cover design is done out of house. We are more than happy to work with your own cover designer, but for anyone who is looking to get an amazing cover produced we recommend Avalon Graphics


Thoroughly professional and extremely helpful graphic designer Cathy Helms will work with you to produce a striking cover design we are sure you will be proud of. Authors who chose to work with Avalon Graphics have the dual advantage of having their cover displayed on her portfolio web site, where it can be seen by a wide audience.