Editing Services

At Lavender and White Publishing we are as passionate about your manuscript as you are. We also want your manuscript to be the best it could possibly be and would recommend that you have your manuscript professionally proofread and copy-edited before it is produced as an e-book.


Copy editing


A vital part of writing a book, either fiction or non-fiction is the editing. Working on your own manuscript can be very difficult as you are so involved in it and will undoubtedly not have an impartial view. At Lavender and White Publishing our skilled editors will ensure the general accuracy and consistency of the manuscript and give advice on restructuring or re-writing of the book if necessary. This is a specialised service requiring an editor of considerable experience. The editor will focus on maintaining consistency of details in the plot, characters and setting. Our editor will also meticulously correct the grammar, spelling, and punctuation and make recommendations for improving the overall readability of the work.


Proof reading


There is nothing worse than investing a lot of time and money into a manuscript only to find your book full of glaring errors. Whilst a computer’s ‘spellcheck’ facility is of great benefit to a writer it is very definitely not fool-proof and should not be relied on when producing a book which will subsequently sold to a discriminating audience. Unfortunately our brains are programmed to scan through text in such a way that even if a word is wrongly spelt we will subconsciously correct it which is why we would recommend having your manuscript proofread. A copy editor will pick up on problems with grammar and the flow of the story but the final careful eye over the manuscript should be that of a proof reader.