Manuscript Assessment


At Lavender and White Publishing we are always on the look out for fresh new talent from authors who share our passion for writing and horses.


If you’re not sure if your work is good enough for publication we would love to do an initial assessment of your book. If you are a first time author the book may need substantial rewriting and editing by the writer before it is ready to be edited for publication. Email us the first three chapters of your manuscript and a one-page synopsis with a covering letter and we will make a preliminary assessment of your work specific to the genre in which you’re working.


Because we know how hard it is to have put your heart and soul into a book and then to have editorial input into it. We would liken it to having your children criticised! At Lavender and White Publishing our editors aim to be as tactful and sensitive as possible when making suggestions which we feel will improve the quality of your writing. However our advice is intended to be positive and constructive and will help you to improve your work.


If you have a finished manuscript Lavender and White Publishing can give your work a full read-through and provide you detailed appraisal which looks at the story structure, characterisation, narration, pace and plot development. We will provide you with a full written report to help you make positive changes to your work. For non-fiction titles, Lavender and White Publishing can analyse that the content is complete and appropriate, that the material is well organized as well as ensuring the text flows well.