Make this the year you finally get that novel written.

Longing to write but don’t know where to start? Have you got a story you are itching to tell? Have you got riding or horse care secrets you want to share? At Lavender and White Publishing our on-line mentoring service will give you one to one assistance, practical advice and guidance with your writing project.

As experienced writers and editors we know all the pitfalls that are waiting to trip you up and want to use our experience to help you achieve your writing goals. With help from our experienced,
professional editors, through Lavender and White Publishing’s on-line mentoring service you can write at home, in your own time, developing your own style and voice.

Our On-line mentoring programme fits in with your schedule you can undertake tutorials have and one to one guidance through scheduled email contact, so that you learn at a pace that suits you and
fits around your busy lifestyle.

Mentoring programmes

We offer three programmes:-

Beginner and Novice Fiction writers –

At Lavender and White Publishing we know how hard it is to start writing. There are so many ideas that float around your imagination and yet it is so hard to make those form any basis of a novel.
Working with our on-line mentors you will be shown techniques to help you put those thoughts in order and come up with a working draft of a novel. You will learn how to create believable and
likable characters, write dialogue which will carry your story along, as well as learning about the importance of pace and authentic settings. Writers will also explore the different viewpoints that
can be used when writing. Even if you have never written before we will guide you through the process, letting you gain confidence through writing exercises. The aimof the course is to produce a
series of short stories, or the draft of a novel.

Experienced writers –

We know how much of an achievement it is to write a novel, or even a short story. However, even the most experienced writers sometimes become stuck with the infamous writer’s block, or
sometimes the story just runs out of steam. Our on-line mentors can give you the help you need to get you started again, or to improve your craft. Mentoring can help you to look more deeply at what
you are writing. Working alongside one of our on-line mentors you will learn how to write emotion packed fiction, pick up tips to make your characters come truly alive and become both likeable and
memorable. Through a series of tutorials you will get to know your characters and to see how their back story affects the plot. We will help you to find your own writing voice and create better fiction.
Working on-line, one to one with an experienced and caring mentor we promise you will enjoy getting motivated again and seeing your writing improve as your character’s story unfolds.


While a non-fiction book does not require the same amount of imagination as a novel, you aren’t creating characters, or plots, but the book still has to be readable– there is still a skill involved in
writing an entertaining and informative book. Working alongside our on-line mentors you will create an outline; learn how to research and how to put your thoughts and knowledge into producing a
book that will be sure to grab the intended audience.

Mentoring sessions are one to one, on-line, scheduled at times to suit your lifestyle.

Cost €250 for five on-line sessions.